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If you are new to the stock market, this is the book for you. George and Tom provide an excellent overview of how the market works in easy to understand language. Each aspect of the market is laid out in a way that you can grasp the many key concepts that make the market work. This book is a foundational resource for any new investor. In order to make sound investment decisions, one needs to understand the "Big Picture!"

The Darvas trading technique was designed as a simple method for identifying the strength of a trend. Buy signals are created on new bullish strength and managed by a volatility range with a stop loss. This approach is built around long term trend trading and is most suited for trending stocks. All in all, the book is an easy and fun read and highly recommended for beginners and experienced traders alike! How I made $ 2,000,000 in the stock market.

Our stock market for beginners web site has been set up by a team of Stock Market enthusiasts and experts to give you the best start to your investing career.

The site has been designed as a beginners guide to the stock market and will help you learn how the stock market works and how to successfully trade. Can you make a living working from home stock trading? Absolutely!

Coming soon! Our stock market for beginners forum where you will be able to sign up as a member and chat with other traders. Not only a forum but Daily Stocks To Watch delivered right to this site for FREE!!

Have a look at our Stock market dictionary on the right to find the meaning of stock market lingo like, day trading, forex, futures,options,stock picks,stock trading, institutional buying, institution ,stock market forum, swing trading and much more.

Stock Market for beginners basics:

Here we will outline some of the basics to help you get started and answer the age old question. How does the Stock Market Work?
Ideally to get started you will need a computer with ADSL internet connection or better.
You will need to find a broker (listed on the right under brokers) and set up an account with them.
Once you have found your chosen method of trading you will need to make a set of rules and follow them; no matter what.
To start trading you will need to find at least a $2000 budget. You are best saving this rather than borrowing.
You will need to be able to find stocks that are worth placing a trade on. This is the hardest part in stock market trading. Initially to help you find stocks that are worth trading we recommend you hang around some good stock market forums or chat rooms. Eventually you will pick out the people who really know how to trade the stock market. The other way to find stocks to trade is by subscribing to a good stock market newsletter. The newsletters and forums are listed in the right hand column.
Before you start, and  to get a feel of stock market trading we recommend you paper trade. This is the practice of writing down dummy trades and seeing how they go until you are confident enough to place your first trade.
You will also need to decide whether you want to trade real stocks or CFD'S. These are explained under CFD on the right hand side.

You can make a great career trading the stock market.

We wish you all the best of luck,

The stock market for beginners team
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Learning How The Stock Market Works For Beginners Through Books

Tips For Finding Stock Picks-using a 12 month rolling high strategy

1)Using the daily 12 month rolling high is a great way to pick out stocks that might be worth dropping some money into. We have found that 7 or 8 times out of 10 if you buy into a stock that has just reached a 12 month high it goes up in value. It may have reached this new high because of investor sentiment and positive buying of the stock with good forward momentum. It may have just been a flurry of good news or director and institutional buying. Whatever the reason it is still a great way to find stocks to research further. So put them on your watch lists.

New To The Stock Market/Trading the Stock market and not sure what all the trading terms mean?

2)Have a look at our Stock market dictionary on the right to find the meaning of stock market lingo like, day trading, forex, futures,options,stock picks,stock trading, institutional buying, institution ,stock market forum, swing trading and much more.

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Stock Market For BeginnersTraders
Trading (also known as short term investing, swing trading, day trading or trading) has been used by many individuals as a means of profiting from the stock market for years. You can make money trading buying low and selling high or even buying high and selling low (shorting). If you are new to the game and thinking about getting started we hope that our stock market for beginners web site can show you the way to success.
Don't fool yourself though. There is no such thing as a get rich quick scheme and the most experienced and successful traders normally take years to refine their stock market trading technique. However you can become a successful trader and make a very good living from home given enough patience, time and effort.

There are 8 links on the right hand side and each one of those pages will take you to their relevant subject. On each page you will find a list of links with helpful stock market information and resources to help you start trading.
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